For anyone reading this who lives outside of NY, WIP (Work in Progress) is a relatively new nightclub attached to the back of Greenhouse. With over 20 artists commissioned to design everything from the staircase to the walls of the dancefloor, WIP looks almost like a gallery from the 1980’s.

My sister and queen of clubs, Roxy Cottontail has her weekly party every Monday, appropriately titled “Mondaze”. If you remember we used go HAM every Monday at Roxy’s party at Sway. Well now it’s safe to say that we have migrated to a new home at WIP.

This past week I DJ’d along side my long time friend, DJ Jayceeoh (we used to spin on the radio at WERS 88.9 in Boston), Shadi of 105DB and a special performance by Kilo Kish.

Per my instagram (@jasminesolano), Travie McCoy was in the building and so gracefully introduced me to Juliette Lewis who I think was the nicest person I’ve ever met. In my life.

Check out the flicks below from my other long time homie, Nicky Digital

Internet shirt provided by Butch Diva

The bunny herself, Roxy Cottontail

DJ Jaceeyoh

Kilo Kish performing

Travie McCoy

Juliette Lewis

Alien Matrix DJ

Seth a.k.a. Dawgie Diamonds


Ysa + Kilo Kish

40oz Van

To our right is the birthday girl Eyeris!


Elle + crew


Bro-ski Gitoo

The Green Hornet + Dutty Dylan

Haruka Salt (a.k.a. one badass DJ)




Dan Oh

Greg + Anthony Hull

Stretch Armstrong

Me + Nicky Digital

Catch me next month at WIP with Roxy Cottontail!