This year’s SXSW included countless shows, a porch and lots of food. Check it out…

the crew and our porch

a closer look…

the crew without the porch

vintage in the yard

our block

Hawaii + Mike

the infamous Jav Dolla

Me + Taz + his new album

Decon / Mass Appeal Showcase w/ Vinny Chase, Hollywood Holt, Telli + Yo

Alexander Spit + Yo

Brock + Jaz + Taz

Me + DJ Treats hosting Decon / Mass Appeal Showcase

rosewood tights


DJ Wonder


Beauty Bar Austin / Chocolate Sundays Party

Hollywood Holt + Franki Chan


Marz swaggin’ + Me rappin’

Ian (Japanther)

Riley (Japanther)

Bad Rabbits

ollie contest

Skotch Davis + shy guy + Taz Arnold

dj cilantro + Brock Fetch

Hollywood Holt

Spaghetto’s Recap Video:

Suite 101 Clip: