This was one of the best days. Brock and I have been planning on doing a photoshoot for over 3 years. Finally, on a sunny day at Ft. Tilden beach, we made it happen.

BROCK FETCH and I have been friends for a minute. He hails from the “super close homies from Denver” collective. Alongside FIRELILY LOVE and ANTHONY HULL. Brock is the kind of person that will wake up at 7am consistently and devote his entire day to his people, no questions asked. He has an amazing soul and it radiates through his camera lens.

Check out the behind the scenes video I made to capture the essence of the day:
(many thanks to the talented, DANIELLE MASTRION for shooting with me!)


photos by yo.

photo by BROCK FETCH.

photo by BROCK FETCH.

Love ya Brock!